Ordering and Shipping FAQS

We often run most of our new items through a presale process first, before making them regular items in the store. This allows us to facilitate the production (printing and/or embroidery), packaging, and shipping for the item. A presale guarantees we will have the item in your specific size, color, or quantity and takes a lot of the guess work out on our end. Many times, once the presale is ended, the item is no longer available until the original orders are filled. At this point we no longer manufacture the item and what we have in stock is what remains for the life of the product. This means each item is an exclusive, limited time offering.  

I ordered, now what's the deal with shipping?
We do our very best to include the expected shipping timelines in the description for each product. Please refer to the item you've purchased for an expected shipping date.

Preorder shipping is generally 5-10 business days AFTER the close of the presale period. This means there could be be a considerable wait for presale goods.

As an example: We run a presale for two weeks online then close the item. The item then goes in to production and fulfillment for 5-10 buisness days. This timeline can take close to a month, start-to-finish, in some cases.

If your order is not a preorder item, it will typically ship 5-10 buisness days after purchase as well.

It is our goal and priority to get your order to you in a quick and timely manner. However, we are not a big-box online retailer and cannot promise 2-day or 5-day shipping. (We love Amazon and Fanatics too.) We can promise to do our absolute best to get you your order as quickly as we possibly can, and will strive to meet all timelines that we've set.

Are there any limits to the number of items I can order?
The answer is both yes and no.

With any item that is a preorder there is no limit to how many you can purchase.

With shirts and outerwear that are in-stock we ask that you limit quantities to eight or less per size.

With hats we ask that you limit purchaces to four or less of a single style

If you would like to acquire larger quantities of an item than listed above, please contact us ahead of purchase. Any purchase that goes over the limits listed may be subject to refusal and cancellation with refund. 


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